My daughter likes to roar. She also likes kittens. The dilemma: I have publicly sworn I will never have a cat in my house (which I later took back because I visited the humane society and had to pull myself away from a black kitten named Turqouise). So no more unimportant details needed, I found a shirt while shopping at forever 21 that had a kitten on it and said ROAR. I bought it, turned it into a nightgown for my babe.



I just traced a dress she already had onto the existing tank, cut, out lining fabric out of white jersey knit, serged edges, used parts to create finished arm holes, sewed it up, but left it unhemmed.

Here she is in action:




I wish I had pajamas that made me feel this wild and ready for the day!

All my best,



Pantry Overhaul

 My name is Courtney and I have an unorganized pantry. Seriously though, you probably saw something like this coming since my tagline for this blog is “Don’t mind the mess!”

I tackled this beast by creating an Olioboard which I discovered on one of my favorite blogs, iheartorganizing. Here is my Olioboard: Pantry Organization. I didn’t end up getting all of the items I have on there but I got the most important ones which you can see in the final picture (plus some for my sewing area :)).

These final photos are long over due. Like I finished this project the day after I wrote this draft but I’m actually posting it a month and a half later. So without further ado…

So it’s nothing mind-blowing but more organized for our family. Things aren’t falling off shelves anymore and I can actually see what we have so I don’t buy multiples. And here is evidence of that: 

I’m sure the people at Sur La Table would screech at my repurposing their bag.

And another thing I’m pretty excited about is that our collection of koozies now have a home. They were culprits of rolling around one the shelf and before this, they were just a big pile.

Just to give you a taste of what kind of koozies we like to have around because it can say a lot about a person, in a good way or a Jersey Shore kind of way. Yes, it is my favorite.

Finally I can say that is done! Because blogging about a project is when it actually reaches the finish line.

All my best,


My kitchen floor is fresh to death!

I am so not even kidding with that title. My tile grout looks so much better than it did that I almost feel like it’s a brand new floor. I painted the tile grout with this: 

Then I sealed it with it’s counterpart:

To get the full effect, imagine a brown, grimy grout between those lovely beige tiles. Now, here is the final, bright product:

I just want to throw my arms up in the air and say, “Ta-da!!!”

I have a brand new looking floor and I only spent about $20. 🙂

All my best,


Seed Sack Pillow

This pillow was so simple! And it turned out looking just how I wanted which makes me smile. I bought the seed sack at my local antique store for $14 dollars. Yes, that was pricier than just buying fabric and making a pillowcase or 2 for the same price. However, I validated it (my husband would love that…) by telling myself that I would have spent twice as much or more than I did at any of my favorite home decor stores.

Here’s the low down on the how-to:

– Cut 2 fabric squares  that = length + 1/2 in and the height + 1/2 inch (I sewed with a 3/8 inch seam allowance and had to go back in and make it tighter, closer to being a 1/2 inch seam allowance, in some spots).

– Option: You can do what I did or you can cut one fabric piece the length + 3/8 inch + 4 inches. This will allow you to just create the flap on the backside of the pillow, instead of having to sew it on. The reason I sewed a flap on is because I wanted to use the print from one part of the seed sack in this spot but it wouldn’t have originally worked by how I cut. Sooo….if you do the sewing a flap option*, you need to cut one fabric piece in half. Or into 3/4 and 1/4 if you want your flap to be spaced differently on the back of the pillow. Then just sew, with right sides together, the 4″ flap and one part of the back side piece –> iron your seams so it looks neat and crisp.

– Place fabric pieces right sides together, line up edges, pin.

– Sew up all sides. I used a straight stitch then went back through with my serger to cut down some of the seam fabric and to make the seams even stronger. Remember: Do NOT sew the flap. Pin this part to the middle or away from the edge so it doesn’t get caught in the needle and get sewn to the sides.

– Create button holes. I still need practice with this. I did a make-shift button hole by using certain settings on my machine to create a small, tight rectangle then I used my seam ripper to split the middle. It worked well in this case but I will make myself use a buttonhole foot on my machine and practice this more for the sake of future projects.

– I hand sewed the buttons to the part of the pillowcase under the flap. I measured and spaced where I should sew them on using my disappearing marker. Oh, it’s awesome! Shows up purple and then disappears after awhile from the air or faster if water is used.


Here is the finished product:

Enjoy and I hope I inspired you to recycle some kind of material into a pillowcase!

All my best,


My little hobby…

has quickly turned into my obsession! I have to share that I have become a sewer these last few months. I dabbled in sewing in the fall when I made Rosie’s Tinkerbell costume on a $40 sewing machine geared for tweens. I did pretty well for knowing nothing about the fabric and using inspiration from the internet to piece it together.

“Bibi-bobi-boo pu-kins!” She loved the wand even though I had made her a bag of pixie dust from small gold and silver beads.

Wings were bought. Turtleneck is from Target.

So I think it turned out pretty adorable and she loved it! She also loves hot air balloons so it was perfect that one flew right over our house that night.

To continue, I have fallen in love with sewing! I love creating something out of fresh, new fabric as well as vintage fabric from the local antique shop or repurposing thrifted clothes or just things that don’t fit anymore. I have started noticing all the ways clothes are put together and I inspect the linings and stitching and details of my clothes and others constantly now. I’ve tried my hand at a few different projects that I will be sharing soon. Those range from children’s and women’s clothes to blankets to home decor.

I have built up my sewing supplies stock to where I feel I could conquer the world…or just any project I have in mind. I also received a Singer Brilliance sewing machine for Christmas. Then for graduation from IUPUI (yea, Bachelor’s Degree baby!) I asked for a serger from my parents. My sister asked for an iPad and I asked for a special sewing machine. Yes, I’m a nerd and clearly obsessed. I got the Singer Finishing Touch.

I ask that you keep visiting to see what I’ve been working on and what I have planned for the future!

All my best,


Behind frame #1 is….

our AC/Heat control! I stole this idea from my friend, Teran. Andy bought this little wooden friend quote frame from a store in Bloomington. We weren’t sure where to put it. Luckily, I had just visited my friend’s new apartment and she had done something similar. I said to just set it on top of the control panel but Andy wanted to put a small nail in so it could actually hang on the wall instead of resting on the panel.

In the end it’s a perfect way to cover an odd part of our wall and allow us to eventually extend our picture wall.