Mirror, mirror

I found this mirror at the local Goodwill for $7.99. You notice that gold? To go along with it, it’s made of a thick plastic. Gold plastic? Doesn’t even whisper ‘awesome’ to me. However, I picked it up due to the shape, size and to my delight, weight of it. It is so lightweight! The plastic is thick and sturdy enough to not be easily broken but light enough to hang on the wall with one nail or even a 3M adhesive wall hook.

It is the perfect thing for my sister’s new apartment! I used satin finish wall paint to cover up the gold. The color is a specialty match for a shower curtain in Rosie’s bathroom. I love the color and it was just sitting in the garage going to waste.

Then when I had painted it, I noticed there were small hairs trapped in the paint. UGH! In the photos you see our Golden Retreiver, Max. Yes, his hair literally gets everywhere. I was in the garage and it was floating around and get into the paint. So I went through with tweezers and starting pulling the hairs up. I really liked the look of a bit of gold peeking through! So I got the hairs off, painted one more coat of the smoky teal color, then went back through with a square of fine sandpaper and scratched it up.

And voilà! The end.

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