School is about to start again…

Classes start again on Tuesday. A short narrative is due tomorrow on what I remember about literacy from last semester. Rosie starts big girl day care on Monday. And I am putting all out of my mind by starting this blog and crafting like it’s my job, not just a hobby. The following quote I read and tore out of my favorite magazine, REAL SIMPLE. I think it fits my mood:

“When I cannot bear outer pressures anymore, I begin to put order in my belongings…. As if unable to organize and control my life, I seek to exert this on the world of objects.” – Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin

Yep, that sums it up. I feel like I just want to put all my energy, when Rosie is napping, into doing something that I can control and want to do, to forget about what I have to do soon. Don’t get me wrong, going back to class and being in a kindergarten classroom for student teaching will be awesome. But that just makes me think of the firing of a gun at the start of a race. Time is the runner and it only gets faster as Summer turns into Fall. Time flies by as my baby starts a new step in her life as a full-time daycare attendee.

So for now, I’m painting lanterns vibrant colors and thinking about who might like a sunny yellow pop of color for their kitchen table or dresser.

(The blue one is for my sister.)


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