Rosie’s bathroom

Rosie’s bathroom is a project that actually began back in March. My sister and I painted the bathroom the mocha color (Cashmere, Valspar Interior Satin Finish) and then I didn’t do much to it for awhile. I recently used the smoky teal-blue color for the mirror (here). That color was what I had had matched from the shower curtain but when I painted it on the previously white wall it did not look how I wanted it to! So we changed and went with the brown. However, when we started painting the brown over and next to the teal-blue trial spot I realized that it changed dramatically into something I loved! So to continue we obviously went with the brown. In July, I decided to paint a rectangle of the teal-blue color to create a ‘frame’ for some pictures and wall decor. And here is the (almost)finished product:

The frame

Should I add something around the edge to dress it up? ↑

the loo

Need: small rectangular canvas, paint of your choice, ribbon, hot glue gun, an idea!! I chose to paint ‘the loo’ onto this canvas because when we visited Ireland recently that is what some people called the toilet/bathroom/WC. Just adds a little fun!

The frame, with family photos from last Fall, was something we had but it was medium-dark wood and I didn’t have anywhere to use it. I got some Almond colored spray paint and voilà!

The round mirror with overlay is from our local antique shop. 

The three-pronged, rotating hook is from Hobby Lobby.

The flower headband is one that I made about a year ago for Rosie. How-to will be in a future post.


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