I do love a good deal!

I have recently been checking local Goodwills and a furniture consignment store to find a side table for my sister’s apartment. I found one for her and one for myself!

I bought this table from Amanda’s City-Chic Consignment. Originally priced at $48, I found it when it was marked 75% off!! Yes, this table cost me a not-so-whopping $12. I was too excited to get started working on it that I forgot to take a “before” picture. I’ll describe it: medium-dark wood, some cobwebs on the underside, gold chain detailing painted on the top part. To say it looked dated was an understatement. However, I just loved the oval shape, the curves, and the lattice-type back. It was also practical since it has two-tiers. This works well because my husband and I can put drinks on the top tier while Rosie can set her cup or a book on the bottom tier.

I spray painted it with Krylon Rubbed Bronze. I do love the color but not everything that comes with spray painting a large piece like this. Be aware this is TMI, but I blew my nose the day after I finished this project and what came out was similar to the table color. This made me realize 1) I should wear a mask and 2) don’t spray paint furniture, no matter how easy it is.

Here is the finished project in the house: I hope this inspires you to take a second look at that beaten up piece of furniture or to just start browsing at Goodwills or consignment shops. You can refurbish it and get a unique piece that’s within your budget!


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