A birthday present

 I found this bird cage picture display at World Market. It comes with clothes pins to create a unique and ever-changing, all-arrangements-possible way to display pictures, ticket stubs, notes, cards/postcards, and pretty much anything you can think of. It can hang on the wall or be set on a table or shelve. World Market has this in two sizes (big here and small here). I bought the smaller one due to limited wall space in my sister’s apt, but the big one would be AmAzInG in my bedroom so maybe for my birthday?!

I bought this for my sister’s apartment and since her birthday was yesterday, I made a Happy Birthday banner to hang on it.

For the “Happy Birthday” banner I just typed it up in a Word document, made them the color/size I wanted, looked for an image online that I could use as the background, and then printed it out. Then, I cut the letters to be the same size, pasted them onto colored cardstock/scrapbook paper, leaving a little extra at the top of the letter piece so I could fold over the twine. And as I just said, I used twine I found in the garage to keep with the rustic, simple theme of the bird cage frame. I folded the extra end of paper over the twine and secured it all with ribbon glue because I had it close by. It wouldn’t be my first choice of glue but it seemed to work!


One thought on “A birthday present

  1. Really cool…got to see it in person last night. Good crafting Court! Aunt Pam asked me what you wanted for your birthday. I’ll give her this suggestion.

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