Canvas Prints the Cheap Way

So I love/hate this inexpensive way to have canvas photos. I learned from various online blogs and DIY instructions that you can print your picture onto tissue paper and then Mod Podge it onto a canvas and it gives you the texture of canvas but in a very inexpensive and very DIY way.

First I cut pieces of packaging paper to be about 10″ x 13″, so I adde an inch to each side of a regular size printer paper. I derailed from the original instructions initially by using packaging paper that my wine glasses had come in a) because I didn’t have white tissue paper and b) wanted to upcycle the packaging paper I had sitting in my closet for just such a project. (Not to mention 6 of the 12 wine glasses are still wrapped up after 2 years of marriage…no cabinet space!)

Anyways, the packaging paper is just a little more dense/thick than tissue paper and a bit more rustic. Rustic meaning that it is a bit grayish and some specks of color show it’s origin of many papers put together to create it.

Finally to begin: I taped the 10″ x 13″ packaging paper around the regular 8″x 10″ printer paper with regular Scotch tape. Placed in printer, selected picture to insert into a Word document. Rotated it 90 degrees counterclockwise and then resized it to be 8″ x 10″.

And print!

Remove print from printer paper so it’s ready to put onto canvas.

Next put Mod Podge onto a 8″x 10″ canvas (bought mine at Wal-Mart, 2 pack for about $8). Gently lay the print onto the canvas and use a sweeping, three-finger motion to rub it onto the canvas. This will ensure your paper doesn’t tear.

Here is the first one I did: Next I did this one:

It is a great example but then I got picky about how the paper was bubbling up and decided to use a kitchen dish scraper to flatten it out….then….

I ripped the photo. I jus have to understand that with the paper I used there will be bubbles and slight folds and plain, old imperfections!

I’ll just reprint the photo and know better next time. Tomorrow I’m going to try it with real tissue paper and see if I like the difference. The 1st photo I did is really neat! I love the crackly-ness of how the photo was put onto canvas and feel it gives it an extra sense of oldness, along with the black and white.

Tomorrow I’ll also add ribbon to the black/white newborn photo of my Rosie! Check back to see the DIY instructions and finished product. 🙂

UPDATE: I haven’t gone back and done this yet. I was discouraged by the second one I tried so have put my energy into things I feel will have definitely better outcomes.


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