An old rocking chair

**Due to the weather and my schedule, I haven’t been able to strip the paint off. This chair and post may have to wait until Spring to be finished!

My grandmother passed away in February 2010 – just over a month after her first great-granddaughter, my daughter, was born. She came to our house once and got to hold her. And she heard all about her from my mom when we weren’t able to visit. Now my grandmother’s house is for sale and all of the furniture and items at her house are being sold. During a recent garage sale, my mom texted me a picture of an old rocking chair and asked if I wanted it. I texted her back immediately and said yes! I didn’t care what condition it was in or if my grandmother had ever even sat in it (I need to ask my mom if there’s a story behind the chair), I just wanted something to remind me of her. What a better way to do that than a refurbish a rocking chair? To me the rocking chair is perfect of us. Rosie loves to rock in them. Rocking chairs are are nice places to calm down and look out the window – something about still moving but not having to focus on the movement is very soothing. And it also just fits with my style. I love the idea of having this old rocking chair in my house.

So here is the beginning of it’s new life. It will be cleaned up and dressed up. I may even name it now that I’m thinking about it! This is the starting point:

Here is the back, up close:

Tons of old, rusty nails that I had to pry off to take the fabric off.

This is what I found underneath:

 Look at that seat. I like it and there are large nail heads holding it all together that was covered up by fabric, old cushioning, and a layer of what seemed like material a bird would use for it’s nest: Then I used a paint stripper to try to take off some of the paint but didn’t have enough time (and patience at that point) to finish it. I will update when I’ve stripped it down. Wish me luck 🙂

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