Whooo me?

Yes, I’m attempting to make a stuffed animal. A stuffed owl to be exact. I got the pattern here. To Emily Ashby, thank you for such a cute pattern and I’ll post my owl when I get it finished. So here are the fabric pieces, just ready to be sewn together and stuffed…

Looking like a Picasso at the moment.

So I finished the owl and here is how it went.

First I hand sewed the eyes and ‘irises’ on to the body part. This was just to practice hand sewing because I’m not that great at it. It was also a distraction from whatever football game was on TV at the time. I really did enjoy the task, even though it was time consuming and tedious. Finally, I got my mom’s sewing machine this morning and I was able to sew on the beak, wings, and not-so-talony talons. So here is a picture of pre-stuffing:

I made a small heart with an 'S' on it because the owl loves her pint-sized owner.

So then I stuffed the heart and filling in and sewed her up!

She’s waiting to be snuggled!


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