Card Wreath

I really needed something like this card wreath because we didn’t have a place to set all the cards so they’d be really appreciated. And I know I send my holiday cards out for people to look at and enjoy for more than 5 minutes after opening. To give them their full appreciation and add a little more festive decor to our house, I made the card wreath based on a few ideas I’d seen on Pinterest.

What you need:

  • 18″ embroidery hoop (or any size you’d like)
  • hot glue gun/wood glue
  • clothes pin (size of your choice)
  • Fabric at least 2 yds long (adjust based on your project)
  • straight stitch (by hand or on machine)
  • creativity!

How to: Hot glue clothes pins about 2 pin lengths apart onto embroidery hoop. This allowed for about 12 on mine and I squeezed 1 or 2 more on.

To hide the metal part on top, I sewed a simple ribbon. I used navy fabric I already had and cut a 2 yd by 8″ strip. I cut it on the fold of the fabric so I didn’t have to sew the length twice. I put the fabric right sides together then ran it through the sewing machine. I then stuffed one end of the strip into itself (using a safety pin attached to the stuffing end can help you guide the fabric). Once I had the right sides out I tucked the ends in and at an angle, didn’t even bother cutting an angle then tucking. I liked the idea of having the stitches show so I just did a straight stitch along the edge. This is where it gets fancy, I used a setting on my new Singer Brilliance sewing machine to make (we’ll call them snowflakes) a snowflake design on the ends.

Then I just looped the fabric to cover the metal, chunky part on the hoop, leaving enough to hang it, and tied a bow. I hung the whole thing on a Command removable hook.

Total time: 35 minutes. I appreciate crafts that don’t take a lot of time because I so love the end product!

Finished product plus a few more cards pinned on:


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