My daughter likes to roar. She also likes kittens. The dilemma: I have publicly sworn I will never have a cat in my house (which I later took back because I visited the humane society and had to pull myself away from a black kitten named Turqouise). So no more unimportant details needed, I found a shirt while shopping at forever 21 that had a kitten on it and said ROAR. I bought it, turned it into a nightgown for my babe.



I just traced a dress she already had onto the existing tank, cut, out lining fabric out of white jersey knit, serged edges, used parts to create finished arm holes, sewed it up, but left it unhemmed.

Here she is in action:




I wish I had pajamas that made me feel this wild and ready for the day!

All my best,



Pantry Overhaul

 My name is Courtney and I have an unorganized pantry. Seriously though, you probably saw something like this coming since my tagline for this blog is “Don’t mind the mess!”

I tackled this beast by creating an Olioboard which I discovered on one of my favorite blogs, iheartorganizing. Here is my Olioboard: Pantry Organization. I didn’t end up getting all of the items I have on there but I got the most important ones which you can see in the final picture (plus some for my sewing area :)).

These final photos are long over due. Like I finished this project the day after I wrote this draft but I’m actually posting it a month and a half later. So without further ado…

So it’s nothing mind-blowing but more organized for our family. Things aren’t falling off shelves anymore and I can actually see what we have so I don’t buy multiples. And here is evidence of that: 

I’m sure the people at Sur La Table would screech at my repurposing their bag.

And another thing I’m pretty excited about is that our collection of koozies now have a home. They were culprits of rolling around one the shelf and before this, they were just a big pile.

Just to give you a taste of what kind of koozies we like to have around because it can say a lot about a person, in a good way or a Jersey Shore kind of way. Yes, it is my favorite.

Finally I can say that is done! Because blogging about a project is when it actually reaches the finish line.

All my best,