Pantry Overhaul

 My name is Courtney and I have an unorganized pantry. Seriously though, you probably saw something like this coming since my tagline for this blog is “Don’t mind the mess!”

I tackled this beast by creating an Olioboard which I discovered on one of my favorite blogs, iheartorganizing. Here is my Olioboard: Pantry Organization. I didn’t end up getting all of the items I have on there but I got the most important ones which you can see in the final picture (plus some for my sewing area :)).

These final photos are long over due. Like I finished this project the day after I wrote this draft but I’m actually posting it a month and a half later. So without further ado…

So it’s nothing mind-blowing but more organized for our family. Things aren’t falling off shelves anymore and I can actually see what we have so I don’t buy multiples. And here is evidence of that: 

I’m sure the people at Sur La Table would screech at my repurposing their bag.

And another thing I’m pretty excited about is that our collection of koozies now have a home. They were culprits of rolling around one the shelf and before this, they were just a big pile.

Just to give you a taste of what kind of koozies we like to have around because it can say a lot about a person, in a good way or a Jersey Shore kind of way. Yes, it is my favorite.

Finally I can say that is done! Because blogging about a project is when it actually reaches the finish line.

All my best,



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