My little hobby…

has quickly turned into my obsession! I have to share that I have become a sewer these last few months. I dabbled in sewing in the fall when I made Rosie’s Tinkerbell costume on a $40 sewing machine geared for tweens. I did pretty well for knowing nothing about the fabric and using inspiration from the internet to piece it together.

“Bibi-bobi-boo pu-kins!” She loved the wand even though I had made her a bag of pixie dust from small gold and silver beads.

Wings were bought. Turtleneck is from Target.

So I think it turned out pretty adorable and she loved it! She also loves hot air balloons so it was perfect that one flew right over our house that night.

To continue, I have fallen in love with sewing! I love creating something out of fresh, new fabric as well as vintage fabric from the local antique shop or repurposing thrifted clothes or just things that don’t fit anymore. I have started noticing all the ways clothes are put together and I inspect the linings and stitching and details of my clothes and others constantly now. I’ve tried my hand at a few different projects that I will be sharing soon. Those range from children’s and women’s clothes to blankets to home decor.

I have built up my sewing supplies stock to where I feel I could conquer the world…or just any project I have in mind. I also received a Singer Brilliance sewing machine for Christmas. Then for graduation from IUPUI (yea, Bachelor’s Degree baby!) I asked for a serger from my parents. My sister asked for an iPad and I asked for a special sewing machine. Yes, I’m a nerd and clearly obsessed. I got the Singer Finishing Touch.

I ask that you keep visiting to see what I’ve been working on and what I have planned for the future!

All my best,